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Teachers’ strike interferes with PLCC Camp

As it has been our practice in PLCC, every holiday we plan different programs for our children. One of the most common events during the holidays is the camp that takes place on the month of August. Unfortunately, this year's camp could not take place as there was interference by the public schools teachers' strike.
The strike started on 24th Jun. and ended on 22nd Jul. After the strike, the Government changed the public schools' calendar and there was an extension of one week. This extension affected the August school holidays that were scheduled to commence on 9th but was now pushed to 16th August. Consequently it interfered with our camp schedule that was to start on 12th Aug. and end on 16th Aug.
The teachers' strike did not only affect our camp program, but also our programs at the Centre as a whole. This is so because we were forced to change the usual programs in order to accommodate our public schools going children, who were not going to school at that period. Each department had to suspend its activities so as to participate in the tuition program that was arranged by the education department.
The public schools' August holidays were therefore reduced to two weeks starting 16th Aug. ending 1st of Sep. During the two weeks, we had the holiday program, but it was mainly tuition because the period was short and we thought that they had missed a lot during the teachers' strike.