Keeping a child away from the street

Homecup outing

Girls having a lot of fun at mamba Village on December 12

This year's home cup trip was to mamba village, and it was a little bit different from the previous trips where the girls wore their PLCC uniforms. This time they were in their civilian clothes.

At mamba village, as the name (mamba - a Kiswahili word for crocodile) suggests; the girls were able to see the crocodiles both when in the water and out of the water. In addition to that they also saw the ostriches and tortoises. The trip could have not been complete without them enjoying a ride on the Mary-go round. They were very excited about this! After that, there was boat riding as well and the final activity was having a delicious lunch as usual, at the same place, after which, we were on our way back to the centre with the girls full of joy.