Keeping a child away from the street

Girls were enjoying seeing live wild animals

After a period of one year of rehabilitation and non-formal education, this year's Homecups; as they are commonly known to us, made a trip to Nairobi's animal orphanage which is situated along Langata Road, and later had lunch at Galito's pizza inn; which is not far away from the orphanage.

This trip is one of our traditional activities that come at the end of every year, to mark the completion of one year of rehabilitation and non-formal education. The girls from this year's group became excited when they were informed of the trip and were all looking forward for the day.

15th of November was the day they were looking forward to. It eventually came and together with their teachers (Bosire and Daisy), they set off for the trip. The girls were not disappointed since they enjoyed seeing live wild animals which they otherwise saw on pictures. Afterwards, they were treated with a delicious meal at Galito's pizza inn, which they really enjoyed and everybody eat to her full.

From there, we were on our way back to Pangani House, just earlier enough in order to avoid Nairobi's traffic jam. Within an hour, we were at Pangani House, back to normal life.