Keeping a child away from the street

Bravo Leo

As the Pangani Children's home community we have had many visitors coming to see us from different parts of the world, but on this day the guests from Leo Spur Beauty group made their visit special because of the impact they made to the workers and the children. Twelve of their fifty members spent the better part of the November 26th afternoon with the children.

Leo Spur Beauty has a group of 50 people which go to different community based projects to practice charity once a year. This year one of our church member Eva Lyatuu who is also the chairlady for women group Mathare Lutheran parish told them about PLCC. During their visits they took lunch with the children, played with them, prayed for them and gave word of encouragement to the house mothers who stay and take care of the children. The time they spent with the children, really showed how they were touched by what was done at the centre. When PLCC community sees that someone somewhere recognizes the efforts and appreciates the work, it is counted a blessing so encourages a lot.

Before waving goodbye, the group handed over a token of food stuff and hygiene items which are enough in supporting the children for about a month. As a motivation to the children to learn, they also brought some text books for primary education. It is our prayer that other groups will come up to support us by giving us hope and spending time with the children sooner or later in life.

As they say it takes 54 muscles to smile but only takes 5 minutes to smile, let's make this children smile. Bravo Leo, please come again!