Keeping a child away from the street

Afro-American story tellers from New York at PLCC, Notburga House

This Monday in the late afternoon we welcomed a group of four ladies from the United States: Laura Allen, member of the women of the ELCA, St. Paul's Parish, Dr. Joyce Duncan and Thelma Thomas from African Folk Heritage Circle and Selena Bright. All of the ladies are from New York. We took them around, explained our service, the girls performed songs - one could have thought "a visit as usual". But far from it!
After listening to our situation with much interest, Thelmar and Joyce presented their passion: story telling. You could see 47 girls from four to sixteen years old listening to them in awesome fascination, rapping with the ladies and enthusiastically applauding for them. It could have been a long night, if there was not the next morning going to school.
But knowing that this was not our last contact we were looking forward to welcoming the ladies again on Sunday. After being in church together, again we would listen to the stories and enjoy some entertaining hours. Thank you so much for your time with PLCC girls and welcome again!