Keeping a child away from the street

Something strange had happened

They have undergone remarkable changes since they entered PLCC

They have undergone remarkable changes since they entered PLCC. At first, most of them had only one cloth (the one that she was wearing) and a pair of old slippers. However, that was then; now they have enough clothes to wear and new slippers and shoes.

The climax of it all came when they were issued with our PLCC school uniform! The first day they wore the uniforms, they were full of joy; that they started singing songs, praising God. This was quiet unusual since it was very early in the morning before the time for devotion. Anybody who came around sensed that something strange had happened. The strange thing was 'the new uniforms" that they were wearing!

The joy that I saw in them that particular morning, made me remember those friends and well wishers who give towards the well being of these children of God. May the Almighty God bless each and everyone who gives this kind of aid.