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Celebrating World Prayer Day in Ongata Rongai

The PLCC girls who are living in Notburga House celebrated World Prayer Day at the beginning of March

The girl who is the church elder of the parish in Ongata Rongai oversaw preparations for the service. The big girls participated with a lot of commitment and a lively discussion. The program for the World Payer Day featured women in Egypt and inspired the girls to many of their own ideas. Eight of them took roles that put them into the places of the Egyptian women and girls. They were well prepared; inwardly and outwardly.

It was worth the effort. The complete Ongata Rongai parish gathered full of excitement on that Sunday morning. Songs, prayers, biblical stories, acting - all were received with high attention.

During the sermon it was so quiet that one could have heard a pin drop, it is not always like that. But Lattifah, who gave the sermon, used examples out of the real lives of the PLCC girls. Each and everyone knew what she was talking about. All of them had gone through hardships. But God was with them. The sorrows which bother the girls when they remember their families were mentioned, also the problems some of them have in school. Because of God's help, they can now attend school regularly. So they should study hard and trust in God. If the girls follow this advice, they will grow into being an appreciated adult member of the community.

The parishioners left the church at the end of the service singing joyfully. Children and adults were deeply touched by what they had heard.

Not only was the soul fed, but also the body. Everything was well provided, because a celebration always includes delicious food. Early in the morning the housemothers had prepared pilau (rice and meat), kachumbari (tomatoes with onions), mangoes and lemonade. - We had plenty and all were satisfied.