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Preparing to Teach at PLCC School

A two day seminar on teaching MGML Methodology conducted by Dr. Ralf Girg and Theresa Stamm from the University of Regensburg

PLCC is opening a school! At its Ongata Rongai location, a beautiful new school has recently been completed with plans to provide Kenyan curriculum instruction for those girls who are struggling in local public school classrooms.

To prepare PLCC for the opening of the school, a two day seminar on teaching was held 27th-28th August. Led by two teaching experts from Germany, Dr. Ralf Girg and Theresa Stamm from the University of Regensburg eleven PLCC workers learned a creative and very helpful way of teaching girls of different ages and educational levels in the same classroom. The teaching method is called: MultiGrade MultiLevel Methodology (MGML).

This style of teaching is aimed at teaching students according to their own individual level and speed as it introduces all the regular subjects of the Kenyan educational system. Each student has her own curriculum laid out before her and she is able - with the help of the teacher, her classmates, or on her own - to explore and learn math, language, science, social studies, and all that is required for the Kenyan examination system. One exercise has students learn geometric shapes by making puzzles while another exercise introduces vocabulary by sentence completion and matching words with pictures.

MGML includes much hands-on learning, individual initiative, and creative ways of inspiring students to make learning their own, at their own speed and according to their own style of learning.

The eleven of us who participated in the introductory seminar were enthusiastic to experience how fun teaching and learning can be! We hope it will be a wonderful way for PLCC girls to succeed in their learning and prepare them for future success.

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