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PLCC-Camp 2015 in Thika

82 PLCC girls had much fun at Uzima Centre in Thika

As every year it was time for the 82 girls from PLCC to go to the Camp. This year it was located in a Thika at a beautiful place surrounded by coffee plantages.
During the week games, sports, handcrafts and many other activities found place. A variety of different games like board games, Volleyball and acrobatics were offered. The girls enjoyed doing pearl beads, knitting, doing Christmas cards and painting. After a short time creativity took its course and most girls` faces were painted colourful.Teamspirit and movement was required for the „100-question-game".

One of the highlights during the week was the outing to a fun-park with fun rides, slides, seesaws, swings and a bouncy castle.

Mitchelle opinion on this: „What was good about the camp was the fun park because I enjoyed playing many games that I had never played before." All activities were framed by morning and evening devotions. The girls liked the food very much and Fatuma also mentioned the accommodations in a positive way: „The best part that I have really enjoyed was the food. It was so, so delicious. Even the place where we were sleeping was very nice. The beds were comfortable and in the morning we took a bath with hot water." Some girls noticed even other details: „The soap had a sweet smell and the the tea had a lot of sugar."

All over it was a wonderful and inspiring week. The girls from PLCC are already looking forward to the next Camp!

creating Christmas cards