Keeping a child away from the street

Schooling within PLCC

One of the main PLCC goals is to educate the admitted girls. PLCC girls normally are enrolled in public schools; if a private school for different reasons is more suitable for a girl and affordable we can take her there.

Special school

PLCC has been facing a serious problem for a long time.
Some of our girls due to various reasons need special education. However, it is hard to find an appropriate school for them. Children who can not cope with ordinary primary schools are more often admitted in the centre making it very hard for them to follow the education system. As a result they go back to the streets and some are taken to the rural area by their relatives to start a new life, against their wish. Most of the public schools in the country offer education for physically and mentally handicapped children, but we do not have schools for slow learners, children who have missed class for a longer period due to sickness and big girls who started school late. To fulfill the goal to educate these children PLCC is planning to establish a school with special programs at Ongata Rongai compound in the near future.

The special class will:

  • offer individual learning program
  • provide better learning environment for the children
  • minimize stigma
  • offer program for reading and writing disability
  • balance studies and recreation
  • recognize individual skills like handcraft, sports, music and build on them
  • create awareness against discrimination


Nursery school and Pre-unit
13 nursery school kids live in Notburga House. Right now they admitted at Ole Kasasi Nursery school and P.C.E.A Smyrna academy. As soon as the classroom is finished, we are going to teach these small kids together with children from the neighbourhood in our own nursery.


The fact that some girls are registered when they are past early childhood education, they find it hard to finish primary education. Since they are talented, PLCC feels strongly that the vocational training will help them to bring their talents out for use by operating under the following environment:

  • A no age limit training environment
  • Offering guidance on talent recognition and career choice
  • Offering training institutions for mechanical, catering and designing in the nearby community

The college/vocational training stands for:

  • Getting familiar to different professions
  • Guiding the girls on how to achieve their dreams
  • Avoiding early pregnancies and illegal marriages
  • Providing an opportunity for training in different fields for the PLCC graduates who will not get a chance to go to secondary school and still interested in furthering their education.
  • Building self respect and acceptance
  • Providing an environment where every child is a child regardless of the social class or background
  • Income generating through tuition fees payment by outside students

In phase two and three of the master plan the college will be realized.


Special school, nursery school and college will be open for students from outside.