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Plot development

Master plan


Build with us a better future of the girls. Every donation counts and is highly appreciated!


Development of the Plot
We are in the process of a five phase building project. The building of a complex to house 48 girls in Ongata Rongai, in the countryside of Nairobi is complete. This has helped in removing 48 girls from the city and gave them more of a "home" atmosphere. Each group of twelve girls is housed with a mother. They eat together, study together and play together as a family.

Through the help of well wishers in 2002, the church bought a 5-acre plot 25 kilometres away from the PLCC dropping centre. The plot was purchased with an intention of constructing classrooms and dormitories as per the master plan to accommodate the project registered children.
Ongoing activities on this plot since its purchase have included poultry raising, gardening, tree planting, fencing, and construction of a permanent access road. To date, ten milestones have been accomplished, as shown in the chart.


Land purchase2000Complete
Fencing & a caretaker house2002Complete
Construction of an access road2006Complete
Electricity Supply2007Complete
Drilling of the water and pump installation2008Complete
National Environment Management Authority Approval2009Complete
Approval of the architectural plans2009Complete
Water reserve tank and tower2009Complete
Notburga House, girls' cottages2011Complete
Short term staff- and guesthouse2013Complete
School2015in progress


Construction plans are as follows:

Phase I
First girls' cottage which shall have four houses maximum 12 girls per house and a mother
Short term staff/guest/volunteer house
Four classrooms - a special class and a nursery for the small girls, rooms for studying/tuition

Phase II
Second girls' cottage
Two classrooms - for tailoring and designing and Computer technology
First staff house - a social worker house

Phase III
Two classrooms - for catering and mechanics
Administration building - different departments' offices
Second staff house - head of the Education Department.

Phase IV
Dinning hall and kitchen where vocational students shall have their lunch and the catering classes practices (multipurpose)
Third staff house- house for the director or assistant


We also have the wish to build a chapel for the compound. Right now we are coming together to celebrate the Sunday service in a simple house made of corrugated sheets. Whenever a door will open up for building a chapel, we'll be ready to act - the earlier the better and it is never too late.


There is still a lot ahead of us.