Keeping a child away from the street
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Our service

PLCC is breaking down its goals into objectives that are backed by concrete activities like:

  • Rehabilitation through informal and formal education
  • Integration into institutions for vocational training and universities
  • Coverage of all costs regarding school (school uniforms, teaching materials, desks, food, transport, and fees)
  • Tutoring and homework support in the centre
  • Intensive exchange with school and guardians
  • Provision of a shelter for girls who have special needs
  • Giving motherly care to the registered children
  • Providing food
  • Psychological counselling
  • Medical provisions and treatment
  • Awareness on AIDS and HIV
  • Spiritual nourishment
  • Daily life skills training, such as physical hygiene, washing, cleaning, cooking, and handiwork
  • Clothing and hygiene support

First and foremost, we accept the children the way they are.
All of our girls have in common that they come from the streets and don't go to school when they are admitted. But they differ in many other characteristics like age, family background, attitude, behaviours, level of education, social and intellectual skills - to mention a few. You might find some similarities in what they have gone through in their lives; but at the same time life experiences vary from child to child. During the familiarisation phase we too observe them attentively so that we get to know them. We accept the girls the way they are and offer support according to the need and wish of the girls.

This is my story

The live history of Joyce Wanjiru will point out the ministry of PLCC from admission to discharge. Joyce lived with her family, others are sheltered. She finished her education; another girl drops out due to various reasons. PLCC stands for every single girl and offers holistic care.

In 1998 my mum brought me to PLCC Rescue centre Pangani House, by then I was in class four.
Integration into a regular school career

I was taken to public primary school and at the same time PLCC provided me with bus fare and food.
Physical and spiritual health

In year 2000 my mum passed away through accident and I must admit that was the most hardest and most painful thing for me and from there I think I don't have many funny stories to tell and the ones I have I must make you understand that the past was sacred and I don't think I want to imagine I will talk about.
From then we stay with our uncle and I must appreciate every help he had being offering us with. Anyway, life hasn't being that simple and straight forward but I take it as a challenge be everybody has history be it bad or good.
Educational qualifications at the highest possible level

I did my KCPE in year 2002 and I joined a provincial school. I went through high school education well, never lacking any basic need and I had never stayed at home due to lack of school fees. I worked hard although as usual studies aren't that easy and at the end of this level I scored an average grade.
After high school I had many dreams and as usual many are the plans in your heart but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. I thank PLCC because they have been with me the whole of last year as a way of looking for a college especially for the guidance and the financial help.
After my final exam as I was still looking for a college I had an opportunity to teach in a lower class level and this was my starting point to teaching. I understand that teaching is more of a service to the society than a career but I have been chosen it and I like and feel satisfied doing it.
With the help of Rotary Club Uffenheim in Bavaria I did my studies at Maasai Teachers' College in Ngong and graduated in 2010. I liked the college and I have headed at least somewhere. I must admit that this course wasn't very easy it really required a lot.
Self-supporting and responsible citizens of Kenya

Since 2011 I am teaching in primary school. I am able to earn my living and support my family.

Strengthened trust in God
I'll never be able to repay what PLCC has done but I pray that God will still keep PLCC going; for sure if not PLCC I don't know and even like to imagine where some of us could be. Not forgetting to give my gratitude to the Lutheran Church as whole because of the spiritual and emotional support they have offered us to led accepted straight forward life in the society.

Live, study, be a child
in Ongata Rongai

Here, you can learn more about the past, present and future of the children's home.