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Lifestories and experiences from and about the girls

We encourage the girls to think and talk about what they have gone through. Some of them are ready to write down their live history and mention their wishes and their troubles.

Impressions and experiences enhance the daily life of children. Telling stories - „kupiga stori" is one of the girls' favorite pastimes. Some of them are written down for you.

Read from Eunice - Chedy - Sophia

I did not know where to go as it was in the night.

from Eunice

One time my mother brought me to Nairobi to work as a house help, usually known as maid for a certain mother she never knew, since she could not afford taking me to school.
While working for this lady, I used to be humiliated and abused so badly that I spent most time crying. I never ate in many circumstances, I was usually beaten up and abusive words hurled at me. These were the 'rewards' I got in return of the good care I gave to this family's child.

One day, this lady came back from work and found the little baby crying. The baby had slept a long time and hadn't eaten. Entering the house, the lady took the usual trend, shouting at me, hurling insults and accused me of haven beaten the child. I was lost of words as I never could dare to explain anything.
She finally pounced on me and started beating me so badly. I had to cry for help as the pain was unbearable.
Neighbors came in to rescue me and asked her to stop assaulting me to that extent. She gave a dump ear to all these and kept on hitting me. Fortunately, she stopped to talk to one of her friends. This was my God given chance, I swiftly jerked out of her grip and ran out as fast as I could for my life.
I did not know where to go as it was in the night. I kept on running and finally got into a compound where I was offered a place to sleep.

The next day, I realized that this was a church compound. Here I met a man who asked me several questions. I did narrate the whole story to him. He then decided to take me to another place where he said would henceforth be my home. I came to know this place as Pangani House. I also realized that this was a children centre when I met other girls.

I'm now staying happily with my new found family at the Pangani House and is very grateful to be able to access the basic needs a child deserves.
I'm also happy to be in Primary School, where I am learning at grade one / class one. In Christmas I'll get the opportunity to visit my mother. My father died when I was three years old.
I trust that God will enable me to grow spiritually and acquire good knowledge at school.
The centre is changing my life and I ask God to bless the works done here.

I was free to play with other children as far as they would accept me.

from Chedy

My name is Chedy, I was born in the year 1995 in the street of Nairobi. I spent the best part of my childhood in the corridors with my mother. My grandparents died when my mother was a young girl so she can remember seeing them. One day my mother's friend told that my grandmother used to go to the street begging for money so that she could buy food, clothes and shoes for her family.

One day, a certain woman came to where I was playing with my friends and she asked us if we would like to go to school. This brought to me a mixture of feelings happiness, disbelieve, and fear within a very short time. So and I told the woman to go and ask my mother first if she would agree.

My mother was very happy so she agreed since she was assured that more than going to school; I was to get free food and a place to sleep. The following day, my mother took me to PLCC where I was warmly welcomed and got some water to wash. I was enrolled in informal education class with other girls who looked a little bit older than I was. This did not matter to me since I was free to play with other children as far as they would accept me. Later, I was taken to a House, where there was more fun.

In the House I was well received and I felt like I had found a new place where I can call a home since everybody was so friendly .I got place to be so different from the one I used to in the street, warm, enough food and friends.
When I look back now, I can say sincerely that, I was rescued from an environment which was so risky for a child of my age. I had started sniffing glue but now I am completely changed.
I am in standard Primary six. My mother died in the end of August last year and now I have nobody to call mum. I surrender all my life to God and the centre which is now my mother and my father. I love PLCC with all the work they are doing. I would like to be a doctor when I finish my studies so that I treat the sick.

We had a good time with Claudia

from Sophia

It was in an April holiday 2012 during our revision as usual. Suddenly out of nowhere we saw our lovely teacher Claudia. We ran for her with excitement. We could not hold our joy. We expressed it through hugging which made her fall down like a baby.
She greeted us all and gave us some gifts which made all of us joyful. For sure she is like an angel sent on earth. We had a good time with her. We played together and did everything together.
She used to sleep with us and telling us stories about Germany at night. In the morning we used to take tea together. After that we used to make beads and play (UNO) which is an exiting game.
The stay had come to an end and time for her to leave us had come. Tears welled upon our eyes because we had good time together. She used to be like our mother, because she is nice, humble and caring. As a family of Rongai, we really love teacher Claudia very much.

Names are changed for data protection reasons.


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