Keeping a child away from the street
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How we finance our service

Donations from the USA and Germany finance 95 % of the PLCC work. The remaining 5 % derives partly from projects owned by the PLCC and partly from donors and parishes within Kenya.

As an institution of the KELC, the PLCC is subject to all reports valid for KELC. The budget report is annually audited by an independent economic agency, which is recommended by the KELC Executive Council.


Generating income
Agricultural activities on the plot in Ongata Rongai contribute to the food consumption of the centre.

The profit out of the products of PAWENA (Pangani Weaving Nairobi), our weaving workshop, is used for vocational training of the girls.

Growing pumpkins
Selling PAWENA products


Income and expenditure
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Please support the program so that the girls can make their way into a self-determined future.

Live, study, be a child
in Ongata Rongai

Here, you can learn more about the past, present and future of the children's home.