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PLCC and the girls' families

Hand stretch program is a department within PLCC which aims at identifying and assisting those families headed by single parent/guardians or orphan teens by empowering them with skills (e.g. seminars, workshops, trainings) and resources (e.g. loans) so that they can handle the challenges brought by poverty, for a better livelihood in their families.

A well sustained family set up for the rehabilitated street children

To reduce the dependence syndrome among PLCC parents/guardians by creating awareness through seminars/workshops on how to be self sustainable and by loaning them so as to run and sustain their small scale businesses.

The Goal
To alleviate poverty at household level

Main objectives:

  • To bring together all the parents of the girls so that they can form a strong social network and unity in supplementing the PLCC effort towards ensuring a better life to their girls and themselves.
  • To empower all parents with skills and resources so that they can handle the challenges faced for a better livelihood in their families
  • To empower parents with skills on the HIV/AIDS pandemic so that they can lead in its prevention and intervention (AIDS awareness, Home based care, VCT, ...)
  • To provide spiritual nourishment to parents so that they can use the word of God to upgrade their moral values and integrity in their lives and in the society.


  • Capacity building through education, training and refresher courses.
  • Empowering parents/guardians of the registered PLCC children by helping them with loans so as to run and sustain their small scale business.
  • Improving the social and living standards of parents/guardians by promoting their small scale business.
  • To create awareness through seminars, counselling and meetings with the PLCC parents/guardians on the dangers of HIV/ AIDS, drug abuse and other issues affecting their own personal lives and their children's welfare both at home and at school.


My life experience with Hand-Stretch-Program

Pangani Lutheran's Children Centre has made a change in my life. I'm a mother of three children and life was very difficult. Before that I didn't have any job to rely on for my basic needs and therefore I have been working as a casual worker (kibarua). Life of fifty fifty whereby you can get or not get something the whole day to budget with. But since my child is sponsored by PLCC there is a change in my life. They have contributed towards my success in life on the side of education, medical care and business.

The centre offers loans to parents which have improved my standard of living through small scale business and this has enabled me to make a change in my life, because I can't sit idle doing nothing; I'm always busy with my work.

As a small trader, this business has enabled me to provide necessary basic needs and requirements for my children without depending on other people whereby through this small scale business we have made a group in which we keep a small amount every week (merry go-round) which is given to one of us every week to buy what she/he wants. Through PLCC with my business I'm able to reach the goal of my life in which I can buy food, clothing and also pay my house rent without relying on somebody and not getting it difficult to do so. This has made life so easy to me than before.

Through PLCC we have formed a group whereby we make liquid soap which we sell to people. After selling this soap, we share the profit among ourselves and this has improved my life because I can also make my own soap to use with my family instead of spending a lot of money in buying ready soap from the shop which is expensive, I spent less.

PLCC offers seminars to parents whereby they employ teachers who teach on life skills and how to run businesses. This has helped me to know where I have messed in my business and has improved my skills in business.

PLCC has reduced stress in my life because they also have counsellors who talk to parents on how to take care of our children and ourselves also. I'm proud of myself and my life because I'm able to help my other children as well.

Mama Ruth


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