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About PLCC

Pangani Lutheran Children Centre takes care of girls who are begging and living in the streets and slums of Nairobi. When we admit them they are not attending school. All our services aim at change for brighter future.


PLCC Vision

All girls develop their God-given talents to be able to live according to God’s plan and assume their responsibility to act as honest and appreciative people in the community.

PLCC Mission

PLCC creates an environment in which all registered girls receive what they need to achieve a fulfilled life through rehabilitation, transformation of their lives, and reunion with their parents/guardians.



  • Self-supporting and responsible citizens of Kenya
  • Integration into a regular school career
  • Educational qualifications at the highest possible level
  • Physical and spiritual health
  • Strengthened trust in God
  • Creation of awareness among the national and international public of the problems of the street urchins



  • To rehabilitate the less fortunate girls by supporting them through formal and informal education
  • To provide support through a feeding program
  • To care for the health of the registered children through arrangements with hospitals, health centres, and counselling centres when needed
  • To instil discipline and tenderness within the children
  • To reintegrate the street children back to their family unit and to school
  • To support the recognized special-needs cases by providing them with food, medical, clothing, and hygiene materials



  • Rehabilitation through informal and formal education
  • Integration into institutions for vocational training and universities
  • Coverage of all costs regarding school (school uniforms, teaching materials, desks, food, transport, and fees)
  • Tutoring and homework support in the centre
  • Intensive exchange with school and guardians
  • Provision of a shelter for girls who have special needs
  • Giving motherly care to the registered children
  • Providing food
  • Psychological counseling
  • Medical provisions and treatment
  • Awareness on AIDS and HIV
  • Spiritual nourishment
  • Daily life skills training, such as physical hygiene, washing, cleaning, cooking, and handiwork
  • Clothing and hygiene support

PLCC operates under Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church

Vision: All people have and live abundant life in Jesus Christ.

Mission: Guided by the Word of God, this church has a mandatory obligation of preaching to all people the good news of salvation that is obtained in Jesus Christ so that they may have life and live to its fullest.

The objectives of KELC are

  • To proclaim the Gospel of salvation of Jesus Christ to all people.
  • To offer Spiritual service to its members in which the Word of God and the Sacraments are administered rightly.
  • To mobilize her members to participate in Christian communions, fellowships, evangelism, stewardship and social responsibility among believers.
  • To offer holistic ministry in serving all human beings in both bodily and spiritually.
  • To accompany the poor in the society through diaconal and social support work, livelihood support programs and sustainable development of their capacities.

KELC Organigram

The organigram depicts the structure of Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church and Pangani Lutheran Children‘s Centre.

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Live, study, be a child
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