Keeping a child away from the street

Starting Maalum Lutheran School

Our first nine students

Classes started for the first nine girls in the newly opened PLCC school.

The Maalum Lutheran School opened officially on January 4, 2016. On the following day the lessons for the first nine girls started. We moved into our new school building and used for the first time the new furniture and learning material.

In addition to that we got a wonderful new playground for our breaks and a big volleyball and basket ball field for our sports activities. The whole surrounding is very good for starting such a new project.

Both, children and teachers are exited about all this. But in the beginning there was also some uncertainty on both sides. How would everything work? How would we get along in the new class?

It is now the third week since we started our learning and teaching. And we have to say: We are getting used to everything and one another. Slowly school life is becoming smooth. Teaching and learning is enjoying.

We started to set up rules for a good school atmosphere. And we had lessons in English, Maths, Social Studies and Swahili. We started from a lower point in order for us teachers to understand every child's level in each subject.
Barbara has been the guide for this first weeks. We are implementing step by step the new MultiGradeMultiLevel teaching and learning style. We believe that at the end of the term we will have great improvement.

Barbara Loeffler and Daisy Mugo are at the moment permanently in the teacherĀ“s team. Pastor Mike Fonner and Ronald Bosire are joining once a week, and Esther Onguso from Pangani House will come from time to time.

We believe and hope that all will be well and as we continue in this first year of our new school all of us will learn a lot and there will be empowerment and development for the girls in finding self-confidence in learning for life, emotionally and intellectually.

Individual work in mathematics.
Partner work
On the volleyball field