Keeping a child away from the street

Schooling situation at the beginning of 2021

On our way to the public school.

All students are back to their educational insitution


Having stayed out of school for the last nine months due to COVID-19, the Kenyan children are now back to school. Re-opening schools started with universities and colleges, followed by transition classes namely; Form 4, standard 8 and grade 4. Form 4 is a transition class from secondary to university/college, standard 8 is a transition grade from primary to secondary school, while grade 4 is a transition class from the old curriculum to the new curriculum.


Then followed the re-opening of the other classes which took place in January 4th.


Most of our PLCC children were not only away from school for the said period, but also away from PLCC. This was because of the government’s directives on prevention of the spread of COVID-19, that required people to avoid crowding or gathering in one place. Therefore, we had to release our girls to join their parents and guardians, knowing very well that it was going to be difficult for them outside there. But we did not have a choice.


Now that schools have opened, our girls are back in the Centre and are attending school. However, our fears of losing some girls due to the circumstances were confirmed, when 5 girls could not go back to school because of being pregnant.

Prior to re-opening of schools, the government was cognizant of this problem and had directed that such girls to be allowed back to schools. However, due to the stigma attached to this, one does not expect girls in this situation to get back to school. Out of the 5 girls who were victims, only one accepted to go back to school.


Ready for starting the year in school.
We are back in Maalum Lutheran School.