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Fatma Zahra(13) is telling you about the life in Ongata Rongai

We thank PLCC for building for us a new home in Rongai. We are so happy to have a good life in a good environment not in a slum anymore. For sure it is a good place to live, because we have good education and also a better life.
In this home we have four houses, orange house, blue house, yellow house and green house. Every house has a matron, who we call our mother, because she takes good care of us like washing our clothes, cooking and cleaning our house. Our work is only reading so that we can have a bright future. This is a better place for us to live.
Our mission is to work hard at school so that we can achieve our goals, because education is the key to success. Without education we can't have success.
My dream is to be a good person in future. We thank PLCC for the best opportunity they have given us, and because opportunity comes once in a life time, what we promise is that we will work hard at school until our dreams come true.



The PLCC is setting up a children's home located along Masai Lodge Road in Ongata Rongai, 20 km from Nairobi City Centre. Link to map.

PLCC is catering for the basic needs like shelter, food, clothing and medical care. By doing this, PLCC releases from them the fear of losing one's livelihood. Freed from this pressure the girls develop vitality.
Schooling and professional training strengthen confidence in their ability and leads to an independent life. As soon as the basic needs are fixed, love, appreciation, friendships, respect, trust in God and psychological counselling boost the girls' self esteem. Building on the girls' talents their growth is individually nurtured and attended to.

Whenever problems occur in school we try to find out the reason and find a solution together with the child. The girls learn to acknowledge their problems and needs, and should expect that the solution is to be found with them. Even trauma can be recognized, spoken out and treated with patience and understanding. Strengthened, the girls go step by step into independency and learn how to be responsible for themselves and the community.

PLCC is expanding and strengthening the means of reaching these goals by building a shelter. In order to react on the growing number of street children and orphans during the last three years, we intend to have two houses, each to accommodate four 'families' with twelve girls and a foster mother; Kindergarten, a school for children with special needs and a vocational training centre will be built and also opened for external students to avoid separation and to contribute to the running costs.

We are convinced that by operating out side the slums, shall easier the work of helping these children in changing their attitude and behavior, participating in Christianity and mostly creating a vision for own life with self confidence.

The caring family is the best place for a child to grow up. PLCC replaces this for a certain period of time, furthers the relation to the relatives and supports them to improve the situation of the whole family.



  • To reduce cases of rape among the registered PLCC girls.
  • To remove them from negative influences within the slums.
  • To rehabilitate the PLCC registered children, deal squarely with the causes of their problems and involve them in transformation of their life plus re-uniting them with their families.
  • To offer special education from Kindergarten or nursery school to high school to the children with learning difficulties and to offer vocational training.
  • To continue giving medical care, good and healthy food, security, clothing and shelter higher number of needy children from 25 cases as per now to 100.


For further information: 'Guidelines for the Alternative care of children' adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations, 2010

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