Keeping a child away from the street

Normal life routine is interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic

Give thanks in all circumstance


It is about three months now since our normal life routine was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the number of those been infected and those dying from the disease rising higher every day, fear and anxiety cover our communities. While it is two months now since I relocated from my former residential place to living in the PLCC Ongata Rongai compound in a new house which was constructed for PLCC staff.


My weekly routine has changed from travelling to the office, to the rescue centre in Pangani House and driving 54 kilometres to and from Ongata Rongai compound. Instead of many hours on the road because of the traffic jam, I now have more time to concentrate on the developing the compound and engaging the children in academic and outdoor activities.


In morning hours from Monday to Friday the children engage in to academic activities according to their grade’s levels. The afternoons are mostly for different games while in the evening we take care of the flower plants in the compound. We have fixed name tags on individual plants to know whose plant is growing taller and more beautiful than the other. These moments cherish our hearts; the children look with high expectation into the gardening time every day as they shout the changes they observe while waiting for my confirmation. Day by day I recognize and appreciate the individual special talents these children are growing in and try to nurture them.


The closure of all the learning institutions was extended once again for three more months from June 8th to September 1st, this year so some children will continue staying with their parents/guardians longer than we expected.


The extension gives ample time to the Maalum School teachers, to concentrate on making materials for the MGML Methodology for grade 1 and 11, while I concentrate on the needs of the children who remained at the Centre, those calling from home for special support and the development of the Ongata Rongai plot projects. One of the projects is the Multipurpose hall which the plans to start construction was forced to be postponed for not been able to obtain the required approvals by the National Construction Authority due to the restrictions by the Ministry of Health. We hope from July we may be able to start phase one of the project which is kitchen and wash-rooms, while continuing with fund raising.


The fact that we report on the funds we receive on regard to what we do, the 8 staff who are not able to work from home have been sent on unpaid leave till school reopens since for now PLCC and also the entire church is not doing well financially. The annual operation budget closed the year 2019 with deficit. The church head office on the other hand needs funds to prepare for resumption of worship services as required by the Ministry of Health.


All in all, since the COVID-19 nocked the doors of our communities bringing in all reasons to complain, I have learned to be thankful in all circumstances; hard to understand how when life seems to be one diseases and death after another! But, to us this time in History, God has been displayed in a unique way as we observe our plants growing both on the compound and in the children‘s inner life!


Let’s show gratitude in all circumstances as we continue having each other in our thoughts when we pray.