Keeping a child away from the street

A Sunday out

Worshiping at Machakos Lutheran Church

PLCC girls visited Machakos Lutheran Church.

The Sunday of 31th January will remain a special day for the PLCC girls that are being hosted in both Ongata Rongai and Pangani.

This is so because it was the day when they went out of their usual place of worship (the church at Ongata Rongai compound and Mathare) respectively. They had gone to Machakos church courtesy of the outgoing assistant bishop Rev. Mang'oka.

After the church service, the children were invited to a very delicious lunch, after which, they were taken for a tour around Machakos town and the surrounding areas. One of the most spectacular places they visited is mutituni area, where there is a spot where the law on force of gravity does not apply. At this spot, if you pour down water; instead of it going downhill, it goes uphill.

Finally they made a tour to the famous Machakos people's park, where they enjoyed having a walk in the park. Later in the evening, they embarked on an 80km journey back to Nairobi and Rongai.

After the service
Pouring water on the spot.
Upwards, not downwards?!
Machako's People's Park