Keeping a child away from the street

A Sunday out

The day shared with family and friends brought joy and happiness.

As our tradition, in the month of December every year as a PLCC family we gather together to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. In 2016 the celebration was on December18th where more than 200 people gathered in the Ongata Rongai compound, majority being children. Our intension was to have as many as possible the former PLCC children attend but those who honored the invitation were less than ten.

The day shared with family and friends brought joy and happiness proving that children are blessing from God. The children danced to their happiest recited bible verses, and poems, a play and different choirs groups. The most touching poem was the one about the dangers girls face on the streets on the streets which was narrated by one of the secondary school girls.

On the same day, 21 children were baptized after their parents/guardians were consulted by the center's social workers. Different from the previous years, this time the parents/guardians to the children who were baptized were invited to witness the event.

In preparation for such an event, the children get together to share their precious talents. The celebration of birth of Christ the king, as the main purpose of the advent season, showed the true spirit in giving when friends gave gifts to the PLCC children.

The following Monday those who had relatives or parents were picked by them to go home for the Christmas holiday. It was very sad for seven children who had no relatives who came for them but the center made sure that they were provided with an environment where they celebrated with the house mothers assigned to them.

After the service
Having lunch together